DNA Result Shows The Child He’s Been Raising For 7 Years Is Not His Biological Child


By Kayode Sanni-Arewa

Mr. Kheta, a South African woke up one morning to discover that the child he's been raising for 7 years wasn't his biological child.
He is broken… The Child is broken too.

Several fathers in may not be the biological source of the children they are raising. Those who found out are broken.

Alas, there's no space for broken men in our society to heal.
So they bleed on Innocent employees at work, they bleed on their next relationship, and they bottle up their pains until something triggers them, they react and are labelled “abusive”. Nobody cares to trace the history behind the abusive – he's doomed.

The world is breaking men just as it is breaking women. While there are countless organisations and posts helping broken women, few recognise the needs of broken men.

And one question I keep asking is “how do broken men heal?”
Men don't talk.
Men bottle up pains.
Men do not heal.

This is a serious concern to anyone who has a male in their life.

Most men will never go for a but they doubt the patternity of their children secretly. These are serious issues which feeds tons of negative energies back to society.”

— Charles Awuzie

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