EDO 2024: Obaseki’s Successor Unveiling Looms Large Amid Rift With Shaibu


State is on the brink of a significant political transition as Godwin Obaseki prepares to unveil his chosen successor in the wake of the upcoming Local Area (LGA) elections.

Governor Obaseki, a prominent figure within the People's Democratic Party () in Edo State, has ignited intrigue with his decision to reveal his preferred successor.

The condition for this revelation was established through a series of strategic discussions with PDP leaders from Esan South East and other key stakeholders.

In a groundbreaking move, the ticket will shift to Edo Central, contingent upon Governor Obaseki's exclusive right to select the consensus candidate of the party at the governorship primaries.

These primaries are projected to take place before December 2023, injecting a new dynamic into the political landscape.

During a private conversation amidst campaign activities, Governor Obaseki expressed his readiness to unveil his chosen successor.
While the identity of the favored governorship candidate from Esan South East remains undisclosed, speculations abound.

There are whispers that Asue Ighodalo, Chairman of Sterling and Breweries and a close associate of Governor Obaseki, may be in consideration for this pivotal role.

Governor Obaseki's foresight extends to the composition of his potential leadership team. He has identified his to the State Government (SSG), Osarodion Ogie, as the running mate in this transformative venture.

The governor remains steadfast in his determination to ensure the realization of this strategic duo within the PDP.

However, he has also asserted his preparedness to pivot towards the platform if the circumstances necessitate such a move. Discussions with are said to have solidified this “Plan B” option.

As Edo State anticipates this watershed moment, the ramifications of Governor Obaseki's decisions ripple across the political arena.
This move not only underscores the governor's strategic prowess but also signifies a new chapter in Edo's political narrative.

The unveiling of the successor is anticipated to redefine the trajectory of the state's leadership, leaving citizens and observers alike eager to witness the unfolding events.

Stay tuned for further developments as Edo State enters a pivotal phase in its political evolution.

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