Father Mbaka Sends Strong Warning To Buhari Over Naira Swap


The Spiritual of the Catholic Adoration Chaplaincy, Enugu State, Reverend Fr Ejike Mbaka has asked President to reverse the Central of 's cashless economy policy, while insisting that the policy wasn't working.

He said that policy was rather destroying and collapsing the country's economy, while putting many on a death roll.

Mbaka who spoke on Sunday, during a homily at the Adoration Chaplaincy ground in Enugu, wondered why President should bequeath Nigerians unimaginable suffering and hardship as he was leaving office.

He said, “The president should leave office with good name. How can country men and be crying as they are going out? If anybody advised you over such dirty, rubbish, wicked and barbaric policy, why can't you say I am the president and reverse it? What I want to say is that it is not good, the Monetary Policy.

“Banks are closing, businesses are collapsing, industries are collapsing, do you want to kill Nigeria before you leave? If you want to make a cashless economy it will not be an instant order, it is not a military coup d'etat. It is supposed to be gradual by gradual.”

The fiery catholic priest stated that in a country where things worked, when a new policy was introduced, the would pilot it and give incentives to the first people to embrace it.

He added, “Let them reverse that rubbish before that rubbish will reverse them because they are putting more and more people in trouble. There are some businesses that must be done with cash until Nigeria improves very well.

Those who are promoting this evil policy are they in business, have they managed businesses so they can quickly kill businesses?

“Many students are not seeing their lecturers for long because he went to get N3,000 in bank for transport. When you get N5,000 you will pay POS N2,000. They're now selling our in country.

Somebody will wake up in the morning, close his shop and go to bank to get N3,000. Now the bank will give you old currency notes but when you bring it back they will not take it. What a wickedness.

“What did Nigerians do to politicians that are ruling us? Why will you impose suffering on Nigerians, people are now in famine, hunger is killing our people because our leaders seized our monies.

Let them release our money because our cashless economy cannot flourish in a state where there's no network. Many banks cannot do cashless transaction, they are not ready for that yet reverse the policy or the hammer of the divine will collapse on you.

“I speaking for the suffering Nigerians and let nobody summon me over this so that the anger of heaven will not visit you. Enough of such rubbish. People and leaders should learn to respect prophetic voices.”

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