PDP Candidate, Wins Taraba Guber Election


Emmanuel Awari-

The governorship candidate of the PDP, Kefas Agbu has emerged winner of the .

He defeated his closest rival from , Prof Sani Yahaya and Senator Emmanuel Bwacha of the in the election results declared.

Out of the 16 local governments, Kefas won 11 while NNPP and APC won 3 and 2 respectively.

Details of the result is as follows:

Zing LGA: - 20,182, APC- 7,299, NNPP- 2919, SDP-254

Total registered voters: 88,167
Total vote cast: 32,349
Total Accredited voters: 33,383

2. Lau LGA: PDP- 13,368, NNPP- 10,196, APC- 5079, SDP-631, LP- 198

Total registered voters: 76,768
Total vote cast: 30,190
Total accredited voters: 30,191

3. Yorro LGA PDP-11,880, APC-5282, NNPP-4,072, SDP- 3328

Total registered voters:66889
Total vote cast:26,783
Total accredited votes: 27,162

4. Ardo Kola. PDP- 15, 034, NNPP-14,577, APC-2343, SDP- 1607
Total vote cast-35,218
Total valid votes-34,396
Total rejected votes- 720

5. Jalingo LGA

Total valid votes- 80,147
Total rejected votes-1086
Total votes cast-81,233
Total registered voters- 219,222
Total accredited voters- 83,620

APC- 5994, PDP-20,769, LP- 441, NNPP-49,424, SDP-2381

6. Ussa LGA.
Total valid votes:35,281
Total rejected votes-: 2544
Total registered voters: 99,491
Total accredited voters-: 35,544

APC: 23,315, PDP-6933, LP- 57, NNPP-103, SDP- 668,

7. Gashaka LGA
Total votes cast: 14,793
Total rejected votes-:
Total registered voters: 68,687
Total accredited voters-: 14,795

APC- 4849, NNPP-3226, PDP-5809, SDP- 122

8. Bali LGA

Total valid votes: 40,554
Total rejected votes-: 534
Total registered voters: 142,258
Total accredited voters-: 41,121

APC-7183, NNPP-15,330, PDP- 16,126, SDP- 497, APGA- 413

9. Ibbi LGA

Total valid votes:27,487
Total rejected votes-: 274
Total registered voters: 82,615
Total accredited voters-: 28,281
Total vote cast: 27,761

APC-2416, NNPP-15,564, PDP-8334, SDP- 628

10. Gassol LGA

Total valid votes: 60,765
Total rejected votes-: 780
Total registered voters: 177,100
Total accredited voters-: 61,545
Total vote cast: 61,545

APC-3430, NNPP-42,825, PDP- 10,206, SDP- 3536

11. Takum PDP 16,858, APC 12,281, NNPP 2,958, SDP 3,909

12. Wukari PDP 52,024, APC 4,387, NNPP 15,230, SDP 420, LP324

13. Karim Lamido PDP 18,140, APC 6,583, NNPP 12,323, SDP 9,240

14. Kurmi PDP 10,579, APC 8,826, NNPP 370, SDP 0

15. Donga PDP 10,470, APC 22,493, NNPP 4,135, SDP 0

16. Sardauna PDP APC NNPP SDP

The People's Democratic Party candidate won eleven LGA's, Ardo Kola, Bali, Gashaka, Lau, Takum, Wukari, Yorro, Zing, Karim Lamido, Sardauna and Kurmi, the New People's Party NNPP won three LGA's, Ibbi, Gassol and Jalingo while the All Progressive Congress APC won two LGA's, Donga and Ussa.

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