Young women now drop fitness exercises for hip-enhancing syrups


Do not be deceived. Not all the curvy hips and attractive backsides you see out there are natural. While some come by liposuction, others are through tireless fitness exercises.

But the shocking revelation is that all these methods now appear outdated. A new syrup is in town. Just a mere sip and the hips, and massive backsides sprout out. That is the beauty of the new age and a restless generation.

Few years back, took to exercising, due to the increasing cost of cosmetic surgery and loss of confidence in cosmetic surgeons.

The gyms were flooded with women trying to work on their hips, buttocks and breast sizes, as various videos on exercises to flatten the tummy, and buttocks and hips flooded YouTube.

However, Economy&Lifestyle discovered that due to the cost, time and intensity of exercise to get those curves, women now go for weight gain syrup.

This might be a surprise because your thought is that they visit the gym to slim down.

According to Mr. Adeji Oluwseyi, a laboratory scientist: “These weight gain syrups are supplements and aids buttocks, breasts and hips enlargements, while the belly remains flat.

“These syrups increase calories. Consuming enough calories from foods alone is difficult, especially for those who don't have much of an appetite.

“The syrup contains mainly yeast supplements like alcoholic catalysts, not organic alcohol, and you know what yeast does.

“It increases or blows things out of proportion.

“These syrups also do other things apart from adding weight, it increases libido but the downside is that it also causes infertility.

“That is why you see many women having an increased urge for resulting in the increased rates of infidelity in marriages because some of their partners cannot satisfy their sexual urge.”

Nigerian women are always conscious of their looks, especially their shapes.

Even the older ones are not left out of this beauty race. They adopt all forms of measures to look good, including body enhancers such as cosmetic surgeries, injections, exercising, drugs and other organic components.

Miss. Toyosi Gbadegesin, an undergraduate said:” I use a particular weight gain syrup which is a herbal supplement sold at N4,000 compared to N20,000 I used to register at a gym to keep my shapes.

“I wanted to cut costs by all means and look good at the same time.

“I complained to a friend about my ordeal of going to the gym four times a week and she introduced me to the weight gain syrup which she was using. I was shocked because I thought she was still visiting the gym.

“At first I thought of the health risk but decided to give it a try when I saw the effect in most of my friends.

“As you can see, it has tightened, enlarged and given me well-shaped buttocks, hips and breasts.

“It is a supplement that does other things apart from body enhancement.”

Mr. Lanre Oshodi, an architect, narrating his experience with his ex-girlfriend who was using weight gain syrup said:” I had a girlfriend that was very skinny but I loved her that way.

All of a sudden her buttocks, hips and breast started increasing. I asked her what she was using but she refused to tell me.

“The day I discovered she was using drugs to enhance her body, I had to end the relationship.

“I don't know what damage she might have done to her body using such drugs and I don't want her to end up in my house before the aftermath of her action starts reflecting. In such a scenario I would be the one running helter-skelter for a solution.”

Mr. David Moyosore, a gym instructor, noted that many women running to the gym are there to cover their hip dips which are more noticeable during the postpartum stage.

According to him, there is no one specific cause of hip dips because they appear due to body type, bone structure, and body fat distribution.

He added: “Exercises like squats, curtsey lunges and step downs, banded lateral walks and clamshells, side leg raises, hydrants among others would help get rid of hip dips and increase/shape butts alongside the hips.

“Getting rid of belly fat and increasing butts and breast size doesn't go with exercise alone. There are also types of foods you will need to consume to stay healthy and not lose shape.

“Having all these ready requires a good amount of money, time and dedication.

“To achieve great curves workouts shouldn't exceed six to ten months and with a budget of N200, 000 to N300, 000 including dieting.

“Now we don't have many female clients who visit the gym as before. The gym is now scanty.

“Most ladies are looking for quicker and cheaper means to get their curves. That is why they are now going for all these body enhancement drugs which are quite not safe for the body and the producers won't tell them so.”

Confirming the influx of women patronizing weight gain syrup, Economy & Lifestyle discovered that social media is now filled with sponsored advertisements of various types of weight gain syrups with women making orders for them and only looking at the benefits, not the risk.

These drugs include Apetamin syrup, Oraxin syrup, Dynewell syrup and other herbal syrups.

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