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Man Petition Reps Over Unlawful Arrest, Detention Of Brother By Nigerian Military



By Gloria Ikibah
One Mr. Nsisong Mfon Effiong has called on the House of Representatives to ensure the immediate release of Mfonmma Mfon Effiong, who was unlawfully arrested and detained by the Nigerian Army Military Police, Mambilla Barracks Brigades in Abuja.
Presenting a petition before the House on behalf of the petitioner, Rep. Clement Jombo (APC, Akwa) appealed to the House to prevail on the Chief of Army Staff to order Nigeria Army Military Police, Mambila Barracks Brigades, Abuja, to release Mfonmma who has been in detention for 10 days.
According to him, Effiong was arrested following the order of his employer in Abuja on unfounded allegations that he was a kidnapper.
Rep. Jombo also urged the Speaker of House of Representatives to call on the Chief of Army Staff, to order for a thorough medical examination and treatment of Mfonmma.
He further pleaded with the House to call on the Chief of Army Staff to “order a full scale investigation into the unlawful arrest and
detention of a civilian without transferring Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong to civil police for proper investigation or charging the matter to a competent law Court, for proper
He explained that Effiong lived with him in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, until recently when he relocated to Abuja to get a job.
Narrating the development that led to the arrest and detention, he said, “In late December, 2023, my younger brother, Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong relocated from Calabar, Cross River State where he stayed with me to Abuja to fend for himself, but had to stay with his friend, Mr. Patrick in his family house and was accommodated by Patrick’s family until he was linked by one lady identified as Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole who resides in Abuja to work for the occupant of No. 18 IJ Yahaya Close, NAF Valley Estate, Asokoro, Abuja(Occupant name yet to be known, but can be identified) as a driver.
“Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong started working with the occupant of the above residential address as a driver in early January, 2024. The work atmosphere was tuneful for Mr. Mfonma Effiong  up until his January salary was paid by his madam, the occupant of No. 18 IJ Yahaya Close, NAF Valley Estate, Asokoro, Abuja, where he failed to pay 50% of his first salary (January salary) to the Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole, the agent that linked him for the job as a driver.
“According to Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong when he called me on phone the day the incident happened, that the act of not paying 50% of his first salary to Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole was not intentional, that he did not understand that he needed to have paid 50% of his first salary to her.
“That he pleaded with Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole that he forwarded the money to his Baby Mother to pay School fees for his 3 year old son and also to get few needs for his few months old daughter, without knowing that he supposed to have paid some percentage to Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole.
“Also, according to Mr. Mfonmma, Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole accepted the plea and hope for him to comply when February, 2024 salary is paid, but his employer, the occupant of No. 18 IJ Yahaya Close, NAF Valley Estate, Asokoro, Abuja, (name not known but can be identified) was infuriated and started abusing him verbally, stressing that he has been eating free food in her house, stay in a free accommodation without paying utility bills.
“That this verbal abuse by his employer came after Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole had called and reported him to his employer. That he also pleaded with his employer that the mistake of not paying 50% to Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole was not intentional, but the more he pleaded, the angrier his employer became and kept abusing him. In that same call and conversation between my brother.
“Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong and I, he informed me that he will resign his
appointment and leave his employer’s compound, which I advised him to communicate to Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole who linked him to the work and he did same and moved back to Mr. Patrick’s family house.
“The following day Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong called and informed me in the morning that his employer has been send him text messages since he left her house, begging him to come back and continue working, which according to him, his employer also called and sent him some money to get some fruits for which he did.That when he got to his employer’s house, they resolved the issue and he continued with his work as a driver. Since then, I had been keeping in touch with, Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong through phone calls until Saturday, 10th of February, 2024, at night when I called his phones and noticed that the one with the phone numbers 07068636363 was switched off while the one with the number 08103415866 rang but no one responded and I called twice that night.
“On Sunday, 11th February, 2024, towards evening time, I called both phones but the one with 08103415866 rang without response while the other phone was still off. I was a bit worried as it became unusual for my brother to miss my calls and not return the calls.
“On Monday, 12th February, 2024, at about 6:45am, I received a call from a strange phone number 07080509323 and the caller asked me; “am I speaking with Nsisong?” and I replied yes ma. She continued, “I am calling you from Abuja, my name is Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole based in Abuja. I am Mfonmma’s  friend and I have been trying to reach out to him for some days now and his
phone numbers are not connecting. “Have you heard from him recently?” and I replied her that the last time my brother and I spoke on phone was on Saturday, 10th February, 2024, in the evening, that since then I could not reach out to him and she said she will call his Aunty, Patrick’s mother to call him.
“After an hour, I called back Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole to know if she had been able to reach out to Patrick’s mother and she said she called her and that Patrick’s mother said she will buy airtime and call Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong.
“After calling Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong’s phone Numbers and got the same result, I called Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole again and she asked me if my brother had disclosed to me who linked him to the work in Abuja and I replied her that the only information I got from my brother is that the lady who linked him to work with his employer is from Akwa Ibom State but based in Abuja. She also asked me if my brother had told me the person’s name and I replied no.
“The communication ended there. I kept calling my brother’s phone numbers 08103415866 that was ringing from lately Saturday, 10th February, 2024, to early hours of Tuesday, 13 February, 2024 without any one picking up the calls.
“When the phone that was ringing finally became off, I became intensely worried and had the feeling that all is not well with my brother. I called Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole again on that same Tuesday, 13th February, 2024, atabout 7:15am to send me Patrick’s mother phone number and she delayed sending the number to me, which I had to call Mrs.
“Beatrice Tolu-Omole again and again before she finally sent me the number. Immediately, I called Patrick’s mother and introduced myself as Mfonmma’s brother, which I enquired from her of my brother’s where about, if she has any information about where he works and she said that her daughter, name Blessing was the one who went on Mfonmma’s call to help him park his belongings the day Mfonmma had an issue with his employer and then decided to resign.
“Immediately, I mobilized for Blessing to go in search of Mfonmma since I base in Calabar, Cross River State, and could not immediately get to Abuja. Blessing did as I requested her to do and about 11:50 am, Patrick’s mother called to
inform me that Blessing called and informed her that Mfonmma’s employer was very aggressive on seeing her standing by the gate trying to enquire from the gateman of Mfonmma’s where about.
“Also according to Patrick’s mother,
Blessing told her that Mfonmma’s employer in her aggressiveness asked her who showed her her residence that if she waste more time by her gate that she will order for her arrest and Blessing speedily left the environment.
“When I heard about this development, I had to find my way from Calabar, Cross River State to Abuja through a night bus at Enugu on the same Tuesday, 13th February 2024, and I arrived in the early hours of Wednesday, 14th February, 2024, and first put a call to Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole who claimed to be my brothers friend in Abuja, informing her that I am in Abuja and will like to see her to get information on how to go about searching for my brother. On hearing that I am in Abuja, she ended my call and did not take my calls anymore. I then had to call Patrick’s mother to tell Blessing to meet up with me so that we can go to NAF Valley Estate, and lay complaint to the management of the Estate which we achieved that and all effort made to reach out to my brother proved futile, even as Mfonmma’s Employer the occupant of No. 18 IJ Yahaya Close, NAF Valley Estate, Asokoro, Abuja and Mrs. Beatrice Tolu-Omole failed to cooperate with the Investigation Team of NAF Valley Estate and we did not know whether Mfonmma Mfon Effiong is Alive or Dead.
“After searching for Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong for 7 days, on the 8th day, Sunday 18th February 2024, the Nigeria Military Police, Mambila Barracks Brigades, Abuja finally agreed that they were the ones detaining Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong without access to contact any of his family members or friends. But not for my persistent search for Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong, nobody would have known that the Nigeria Army Military Police, Mambila Barracks Brigades, Abuja were the ones detaining him as he wasn’t granted access to contact any of his family members or friends.
“On granting 2 minutes to physically interact at a distance with Mr. Mfonmma Mfon Effiong on Sunday, 18th February 2024, the 8th day of his detention; I asked him of since when has he been under detention and he said he has been under detention since on Sunday night, 11th of February, 2024, but that his employer first locked him up in the toilet from morning of that Sunday till when she called the Nigeria Army to come and take him away. I then asked him, what was your offence and he said that his employer accused him of being a kidnapper, that while in confinement, his two phones were taken for DSS Profiling and Forensic auditing and it was found that he is innocent of the allegation as no records of calls, chats or text messages related to kidnapping discussions were found in his phones.
“That he has begged his employer to
allow him go or even allow him contact any of his family members but he was
denied access to call neither his family members nor anyone.”
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Damagum returns as National Chairman, urges members to work for party’s success



Ambassador Umar Damagum has retained his position as the acting National Charman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

On Thursday, the PDP conducted its 98th National Executive Council (NEC) meeting at the party’s secretariat in Abuja.

In a communique after the meeting, the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Barrister Debo Ologunagba said the NEC urged all members to continue to work together for the success of the party for the benefit of Nigerians.

A day earlier, the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party passed a vote of confidence on Damagum.

Ologunagba said: “NEC charges all organs, leaders, critical stakeholders and indeed all members of the PDP to close ranks, put aside every personal or group interests and work together in the overall effort to reposition and return the PDP to power at the center in the interest of the Nigerian people.

“Consequently, NEC received and approved the Timetable for Party Congresses across the country.

“NEC also approved the Reconstitution of the Party Disciplinary and Reconciliation Committees to further ensure the stability of the party.

“Similarly, NEC approved the extension of the life of the Party Constitution Amendment Committee to allow it to receive new amendment proposals for inclusion in its deliberation and final report for consideration by NEC.

“NEC commended the efforts of the National Working Committee in its effort towards rebranding the Party including the new look PDP Logo which is widely accepted by Party members and Nigerians in general.

“NEC charges all Party members to continue to work together for the success of the PDP for the benefit of Nigerians and sustenance of Democracy in our country.”

Before the NEC meeting, PDP members loyal to the party’s presidential candidate in the last election, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar had moved against Damagum, over allegations that he was working for former governor of Rivers State, Barrister Nyesom Wike.

Wike led a group of five PDP governors that rebelled against Atiku while contesting the presidential election last year.

Atiku lost the election to the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who appointed Wike as Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.

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Reps Urge Ports Operators To Cooperate For Economic Diversification




By Gloria Ikibah

The House of Representatives has appealed to ports operators in Nigeria to cooperate and align with Nigeria’s economic diversification move.

The Chairman House Committee on Ports And Harbours, Rep. Nnolim Nnaji, made the call at an interactive Session of the Committee with all Terminal Operators and Nigeria Ports Authority Licensed Agents, on Thursday in Abuja.

He explained that the Committee’s interactive session was very crucial because of the invaluable roles the sector plays in the nation’s economy and national life.

He saud: “It therefore presents us with urgent need to effect changes that will restructure this unique and high-tech sector and position it to strategically compete in the global space.

“This sector is very dynamic and we must constantly review the standards, facilities and operational guidelines to keep pace with its obtainable global best practices.

“I wish to reiterate the Committee’s commitment to ensure that the sector remains one of the best through appropriate legislation and oversight in order to bequeath to Nigerians, a Ports and Harbours that is properly regulated and better managed for greater efficiency”.

The Committee Chairman also said that it was important to harmoniously promote the objective of professionalizing the modus operandi of the sector to improve Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product and revenue generation.

“We intend to collaborate with relevant Stakeholders in the industry to ensure that appropriate avenues are created for its economic development and then make it a hub for better non-oil revenue generation. It is imperative to note that the House of Representatives will continue to support total rehabilitation and upgrading of our Ports and Harbours and allied services. We shall ever be ready to provide the necessary legislation and needed oversight to achieve this purpose”, he added.

Rep. Nnaji disclosed that the purpose of the meeting was to provide the interface for members of the Committee to interact with Stakeholders in the industry, most especially Terminal Operators and NPA Licensed Agents regarding their operations and various activities in the Ports and also create the enabling environment and synergy towards achieving the goals of the Federal Government in the Maritime sector, as well as aligning the sector with its contemporary demands, developmental goals, international standards and best practices.

“It is pertinent to note that the Committee’s role is not only to oversight the NPA, but also to partner with stakeholders in the sector to achieve maximum success taking cognizance of government’s quest on increasing revenue generation, port decongestion and boosting infrastructural development for effective service delivery. Thus, we must be committed to transparency, collaboration and open dialogue with all stakeholders to enhance ease of doing business”, the chairman said.

The lawmaker enjoined the stakeholders to bring their exclusive viewpoints and experiences on board as they will be invaluable in shaping policies and recommendations of the committee.

While briefing the committee, the Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of Council for Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria, Mrs Urunta Chinyere, told the committee that there was the news for the digitization of the operations of the agents.

According to her, if operators can adopt the model, it would enhance revenue generation.

“We observed that most of the terminal operators are doing partial implementation of what we ask for. They are not fully complying to what they are supposed to do”, Chinyere said.

In his response, the Managing Director of Five Star Logistics, Mr. Rigor Nazzari, said that his agency has fully complied with all the models.

According to him, there are operators specific issues at the terminals that need to be addressed by the council.

The committee chairman thereforw called on the terminal operators to comply with the council and upgrade their systems.

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Aisha Yesufu queries Gov. Ododo for trying to prevent EFCC from arresting Yahaya Bello



By Kayode Sanni-Arewa

Nigerian female social activist, Aisha Yesufu,  has expressed displeasure with the role played by Kogi Stars Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo in stopping the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, from arresting his predecessor, Yahaya Bello.

It was gathered that the Kogi Governor on Wednesday, obstructed the arrest of Bello by operatives of the EFCC.

Recall that the EFCC operatives had stormed Bello’s residence in Abuja in an attempt to arrest him over an ongoing fraud investigation.

But Bello was reportedly smuggled out of his residence by Ododo to evade arrest by the anti-graft agency.

“I cannot imagine I, Aisha Yesufu as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a Governor will come to Abuja where I am, to prevent @officialEFCC from arresting someone.

“As in, prevent it from carrying out its constitutional sanctioned duty. Nahhhhh!
Kai! Poor Nigeria!”

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