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Just In : Netizens slam Toyin Abraham over support for Tinubu



By Emmanuel Agaji

As the economic crisis in Nigeria worsens, a popular actress, Toyin Abraham, has come under fire from frustrated Nigerians, who have been lambasting her for campaigning vigorously for President Bola Tinubu in the lead up to the 2023 elections.

Whenever the actress makes any post on social media, it is usually greeted with criticism and insults by her fans and followers.

Some netizens even went as far as posting flyers that read, ‘Rest in peace’ about the actress.”

Apparently overwhelmed by the negative reactions, Abraham stated that she was aware of the pain felt by the people. She wrote, “Unexplainable, but God will see us all through. It is people’s pain that is getting to me.”

In a similar vein, the actress blamed political opposition for the bad reviews on one of her movies titled, ‘Ijakumo, the Born-Again Stripper’.

At the time, she had said, “You all went to create a WhatsApp group because of ‘Ijakumo, the Born-Again Stripper’; please continue. You all will tell the world why choosing my own candidate is a crime, and yours isn’t.”

She later apologized for her outburst, and asked critics to share their opinions about the movie ‘with love’.

However, the strident criticisms have not abated.

Replying to one of her recent Instagram posts, one Nkem Diana wrote, “Asiwaju Baby. God will visit and judge you. You have not started crying.”

Pablo Floky said, “How far those things you said Baba disclosed to you, is it not time to execute them? Or is it when hunger kills all of us?”

Another Instagram, Eth, wrote, “You misled Nigerians to vote your ‘mumu’ party.”

Meanwhile, a follower, Ojays, was of the opinion that the followers were being unfair to the actress. He wrote, “All those bashing Toyin, please did she force anyone to vote for her choice? Did she point gun at you at the polling booth that you should vote for her candidate by force? Is she the only one who supported Tinubu, or you all just derive pleasure in coming for her. Please, let her breathe. Plus, how sure are you that your own candidate would have performed any better?”

Meanwhile, the actress had also stated that she was partnering with a brand— Smallyfares— to organise a weekly food bank event in Ikeja, Lagos State.

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Why I didn’t give up acting to focus on my sick husband – Patience Ozokwor



Patience Ozokwor, also known as Mama G, believes that women should not give up their passion for their career, even if their husband advises otherwise.

Patience Ozokwor shared a personal story of her marriage, where her sister advised her to stop acting when her husband fell ill.

She stated that she chose not to do it as it was their sole means of survival.

Patience Ozokwor, commonly known as Mama G, has spoken up about why she believes a woman should never give up her career, especially if it is her passion, simply because her partner says she shouldn’t.

To support her stance, Patience Ozokwor revealed a story about her own marriage, in which her sister advised her to stop acting when her husband got sick.

She said that she didn’t do it because it was their sole way of survival.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Sun, the award-winning actress said that even her spouse did not push her quit acting.

In her words;

“My dear, that is not done anywhere. You can’t tell me to give up on my passion just because we got married. For instance, if someone studied nursing for over five years, you then tell her not to venture into it because you are her husband, it is not done. And for this acting, you know it is one passion that can drive you crazy, that makes you so happy.

I remember then when I started acting my husband was very sick, my sister told me to stop acting and take care of my husband, but I told her no. I mean he is sick and he is not working and she wants me to give up my work too.

My husband even told me not to give up, he will always tell my kids to put my movies for him so he can watch them. I made sure I registered him at UNTH for the best treatments, and when he had a crisis, I ran back to him. So, you can’t give up a passion for marriage.”

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‘I’m On My Knees’, Davido Spotted Crying



Nigerian Afrobeat singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has been spotted pleading on his knees while in tears.

In a viral video, the singer could be heard saying, “Please, I’m on my knees, oh my days, oh my days.”

This came after a photo of Davido in a cozy position with an American stylist, Courtney, surfaced on social media, stirring a range of reactions.

While being trolled by Nigerians, the model’s friend posted the now-deleted video of Davido pleading profusely on his knees.

Sharing the video, a friend of the American model, Bonita Maria captioned it, “This who y’all attacking me over? Leave me alone.”

The development has since sparked reactions from fans of the singer as many referenced the endless disrespect to his wife, Chioma.

@ASTHETE_gemin said: “Crying for a side chick when you have a whole wife and a mother to your twins?? God abeg.”

@MeetSumshineMay wrote: “Zero role model steeze. Zero morals, what then are these celebrities influencing? Weed? Pornography? Living above one’s means for validation? There has to be at least some virtue and morals being put out with one’s influence. Many people will excuse this and we know why.”

@Daniels∅2: “Davido has lost my respect, I’m ashamed. Wtf is this embarrassment.”

@daniels_osi: “I hope this doesn’t cause too much drama for Davido and Chioma. But then again, what’s life without a little bit of drama?”

@Ero_Dy: “This guy is a DISGRACE i feel sorry for Chioma.”

Meanwhile, Courtney, while addressing the backlashes trailing the post, revealed that she has been a client and friend of the singer for four years.

She also said she is also responsible for booking him shows in the U.S.

On the leaked photo, she said it was an accident when she was trying to make a post while drunk.

Regarding the viral video of the singer pleading, she refused to delve into it but admitted to having once shared it on a group chat that had two of her friends in it.

“…The video was dramatic. I’m not gonna speak on it. I won’t speak of the context or what it was all about,” she said.

Courtney appealed to all affected parties while insisting that the issue escalated because her friend, Bonita, fell to the temptation of trolling those who came for her.

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“May we be surrounded by people with human sympathy in our helpless moment” – Alex Ekubo



* Shades colleagues as he mourns Junior Pope and others

By Francesca Hangeior

Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo has written a heartfelt note to mourn his colleague, Junior Pope, and others who lost their lives in the Anam River boat mishap.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, he prayed that we be surrounded by people with wisdom and human sympathy in our helpless moments and not those who are more interested in creating content out of one’s situation.

The light-skinned actor further went on to question what the meaning of life is as he noted how one minute one is alive, another minute the person can be dead.

He revealed that the tragedy of the boat accident has left him in shock as he noted how the day of Junior Pope’s death coincidence with his birthday.

According to him, he hasn’t been able to attend any event or function properly since then as he can only imagine the unbearable pain and utter confusion of the families of the victims.

“What is the meaning of life?
One minute we are here, the next minute we are not.
The tragedy of the boat accident that happened days ago, still has me shocked to my bones.
While I was celebrating my birthday, others were fighting for their lives.

I haven’t been able to attend any event or function properly since then, as I can only imagine the unbearable pain & utter confusion the families of all those whose lives were lost are in.

It’s incomprehensible the amount of senseless & avoidable deaths we are faced with each day in this country.
More shocking & heartbreaking is the merry-go-round during a critical emergency, the sheer display of ignorance, nonchalance & high-level illiteracy.

May we be surrounded by people with wisdom, & human sympathy in our helpless moment, & not those more interested in creating content out of our situation.

Dear God, please accept the souls of Jnr Pope, Abigail Frederick, Precious Oforum, Joseph Anointing & any other, forgive them their sins & grant them eternal passage to heaven.

Please oh Lord, give their families divine strength to bear this irreplaceable loss.
If they’ve ever needed you, they need you now.

To those who survived this mishap, or are affected by it directly or indirectly & are dealing with the trauma, please God comfort them on every side.

To us all, let this be a reminder that life is fickle & but a fleeting mirage.

May we tread carefully & go through life knowing that none of us knows which day will be our last.

Yesterday it was #MohBad today is #JnrPope&Co tomorrow it can be anyone.
Death is final, Life is fragile.
What is the meaning of life?
One minute we are here, the next minute we are not”.

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