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INSECURITY: I’ll continue fighting against injustice in S-West — Sunday Igboho



Yoruba Nation agitator, Mr. Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, has vowed to continue defending his people against invaders.

He said this at Igboho town during the burial service of his mother, who died last year when he was away from the country.

Recall that Igboho fled the country on July 1, 2021, when combined security agents invaded his Soka residence in Ibadan, killing two persons, while 13 of his supporters were arrested. Igboho was later arrested in Benin Republic on his way to Germany.

He was, thereafter, granted bail by the Beninoise government.

He noted that he led the protests against the killing of his people when everyone in the West remained silent.

Speaking on the invasion of his residence during the previous administration, he narrated how former President Muhammadu Buhari allegedly wanted to kill him.

He said: “Buhari wanted to kill me. Our elders and kings were all afraid to talk. They were afraid of Buhari. When the Fulani herders were killing our people, I rose against it in the South West and Nnamdi Kanu stood up against them in the East. I said one Nigeria wouldn’t work because our leaders were using deceit to govern us.”

On the need for the youths to shun violence and hooliganism while pursuing their interest, the activist said: “If we need help from our elders or traditional rulers, we should lobby them not to disregard or abuse them.”

Igboho, who briefly narrated how much he suffered at the hands of the previous government, added that all his bank accounts were frozen by the former administration.

He said: “The Nigerian government froze my entire bank accounts and destroyed my property. It was the Yoruba in the diaspora that came to my rescue. They took care of me and paid my bills saying I mustn’t suffer in vain.”

In addition, he said: “We can get what belongs to us without resorting to violence and thuggery. In all the protests I led across the South West, no one can say I killed anyone or I destroyed their property. I was peaceful. I’m not a hooligan; I can say I belong to the camp of rich men. My friends were calling me then asking what pushed me into the protests offering to give me money. But I said, it wasn’t a money issue but I wanted freedom for my people.”

Explaining he would always defend his people against attackers, he promised to support carefully selected security guards that would guard his people in their farms against attackers.

Igboho said: “I want them to go to their farms without being kidnapped, killed, maimed or raped. Our fathers and mothers can’t go to farms any longer. So, let us have our security and drive away the murderers from our farms.”

In an emotion-laden voice, he narrated how he would have loved to meet his mother alive. “My mummy died because of me. At a point, I told God never to allow those who would not want me to bury my mother win the election and God answered my prayers. I wish I met my mummy before she died”, he said.

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UNILORIN lecturer produces biodiesel from eggshells



A Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Elizabeth Odetoye, has produced biodiesel through the exploration of chicken eggshell-derived heterogeneous catalyst.

Speaking with journalists in Ilorin, Odetoye said that the feat is in line with the efforts of UNILORIN to develop homegrown technology that would enhance the country’s socio-economic progress.

She explained that the feat was accomplished through a “transesterification experiment.”

The don Said the yield showed that eggshells were affordable potential catalyst sources for biodiesel production.

The scholar said, “The utilisation of eggshells can add value to the poultry production process and minimise waste in the poultry industry.”

Odetoye pointed out that biodiesel had been considered one of the sustainable fuel alternatives.

She noted that the high production cost of biodiesel when juxtaposed with fossil fuel, remains one of the major drawbacks of biodiesel production.

The don defined biofuel as fuel made from biomass, saying, “Biofuel is synonymous with biocrude, biodiesel, bio-oil, biogas, bioethanol, Bio syngas and Bio slurry fuels.”

The Professor of Chemical Engineering added that Nigeria has abundant lignocellulosic biomass residues that are waiting to be explored in more environmentally friendly ways.

Odetoye noted that the open burning of biomass residues led to environmental pollution, especially during the dry season.

According to her, biomass waste pyrolysis is a potential means of converting waste to wealth and will create opportunities for skilled engineers and technicians.

She added that when the ensuing fuel is deployed for massive usage, it will make the nation’s physical environment cleaner and more conducive to healthy living.

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Sylvester Oromoni: Falana Faults Judgment, Says Coroner Ignored Evidence



Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, has faulted the recent ruling by Coroner Inquest sitting in Ogba Magistrate Court examining the death of a 12-year-old student of Dowen College, Lekki, Sylvester Junior Oromoni.

Falana said the Coroner disregarded further toxicological examination and withdrew initial recommendations for criminal negligence charges, despite glaring evidence and allegations of bullying within the school, including the discovery of a mysterious substance in Sylvester’s stomach.

Earlier, the Coroner Magistrate, Mikhail Kadiri, said Oromoni died as a result of failed treatment for his enlarged liver due to his parents and doctor’s negligence.

Kadiri said, “Based on the foregoing it is clear that the deceased health deteriorated in (doctor) PW 3’s care.

“PW 3, did not take proper care of the deceased, PW 3, completely abandoned the deceased for a period of more than 32 hours.

“The deceased’s death was an avoidable one but for the negligence of the parents and PW 3, they didn’t take him to the hospital until the day he died on November 30, 2021.

“The deceased went through an avoidable and excruciating pain and made to suffer needlessly,” Kadiri said.

Reacting to the judgement in a statement on Monday, Falana said the coroner ignored the evidence of the government pathologist that the “black substance” found in the stomach of the deceased was not subjected to toxicological examination.

“It is curious that the coroner ignored the evidence of the government pathologist that the “black substance” found in the stomach of the deceased was not subjected to toxicological examination. The allegation was that the deceased was forced to drink a poisonous substance.

“The Acting Director of Public Prosecution of Lagos State at the material time had recommended that some staff and students be prosecuted for criminal negligence over the bullying of students in the school.

Four days later, the Acting DPP turned around to say that there was no case to answer without any fresh evidence from the police investigators. The coroner ruled that the acting DPP has the power to withdraw her recommendations at any time!

“The doctors who testified stated that the deceased died of sepsis and that the sepsis could have been caused by excessive massaging of the leg of the deceased. The coroner conveniently overlooked the fact that the school doctor and the nurses massaged the leg of the deceased for two days before inviting his parents to take him home.

“In an attempt to exonerate Dowen College, the coroner was silent on the overwhelming evidence of the bullying of the deceased, his sister, and other students by the same set of students. In particular, the coroner discountenanced the evidence of a student who had testified that he saw the deceased beaten up and subjected to torture by a group of senior students.

“In spite of such uncontradicted evidence, the coroner said that the deceased died of natural cause. The coroner claimed that the negligence of the family doctor led to the death of the deceased but failed to refer him to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria for appropriate sanctions,” said Falana.

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Woman accused of false testimony meets pastor, says no grudge against megachurch



The woman who was accused of giving false testimony at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja, Anyim Vera, has said she has no grudge against the church.

A video that went viral on Sunday showed the church’s Senior Pastor, Paul Enenche, questioning the credibility of the woman’s testimony at his church in Abuja.

The woman, who claimed to have graduated with a “Bsc in Law” from the National Open University of Nigeria, was interrupted by Enenche, who accused her of lying.

He told her she didn’t sound like a Law graduate, going by how she spoke. He also told her that there is nothing like a “Bsc in Law” and demanded that she leave the pulpit.

The video attracted mixed reactions, with many asking that the pastor apologise to the woman.

But Anyim, in a post on her Facebook page on Monday, said she had put the situation behind her.

She made the statement after meeting Enenche and his wife, Becky.

Sharing photos from the meeting, she wrote, “I want to inform the whole world that I just had a warm meeting with my spiritual father and mother, Dr Paul Enenche, and Dr Becky Enenche.

“I don’t have any grudge against the church or them. I remain committed to serving God as a member of Dunamis Church.

“I am thankful for the concern of the public.

“I have put the situation at my back, and I have moved forward, and I want everybody to do the same. Peace.”

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