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Mohbad’s death: I know a lot but they won’t allow me speak — Wife



Omowunmi, wife of the late Mohbad, has revealed that she knows a lot about the singer’s death but for bullies who are stopping her from speaking.

Mohbad died in mysterious circumstances on September 12. He was buried the next day.

The 27-year-old singer’s body was exhumed by police on September 21 for an autopsy.

The circumstances surrounding his death have continued to sparked controversies.

Omowunmi revealed on social media that she is being silenced by “industry” bullies over the singer’s death.

She stated that she feels helpless since she is continually bullied by those having a stake in the situation.

Omowunmi also spoke about the DNA test Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, had been holding out for to determine the paternity of Liam, Mohbad’s son.

According to her, the issue brings her tears and pains as never for once did her husband questioned the paternity of their son during his lifetime.

She wrote, “They silenced my husband by spreading rumours that he was on drugs. Now they’ve been targeting me by releasing a voice note I recorded a few years ago for medical purposes

“They’re attacking our only child by labelling him as illegitimate. My husband was messed up mentally. If he had continued speaking about his challenges, perhaps he would still be alive today.

“The last time they attacked him, I begged him to speak out. But he felt powerless against the influence of the industry gods.

“Mohbad would have sought medical treatment after his injury if he didn’t live in constant fear. He believed the medical system could be compromised, and doctors bribed to harm him.

“I know a lot, but they won’t allow me to speak my truth. If they eventually kill me too, like they did Mohbad, just know I said it.

“So many things have happened since I lost my husband, yet I can’t speak. I am helpless. I want the world to know that I tried to speak up, just as my husband always wanted to, but they bullied him to silence as they are currently doing to me.

“The DNA issue has brought tears to my eyes and pain to my heart. There has never been any doubt or discussion about Liam’s paternity until my husband’s demise.

“My husband never for once questioned the paternity of our son during his lifetime, neither did my father-in-law or his families.

“The first time I heard about his doubt was on social media. He never spoke to me personally about the DNA till this very day.

“Since November, I have been waiting for a court order to proceed with the DNA testing. However, I am now being asked to take Liam to my father-in-law so the test can be done.

“Which of you will take your son to such a man in this circumstance? Liam is the only precious gift llerioluwa left me with. I will protect him until my last breath.”

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Go and respect your wife” Wunmi Ajiboye spills dirty secrets as she slams Segun Ogungbe



By Francesca Hangeior

Yoruba Nollywood actress and mother of two Omowunmi Ajiboye has spilled some secrets about her ex as she calls netizens to attention against bullying her.

The actress went on love on Instagram to address the rage directed towards her since her separation from husband, issuing strict warning to those who has constantly being bullying her since then.

According to Wunmi Ajiboye, Segun Ogungbe is a cheater who does ‘dirty things’ in her house and does not show regards for her. She spoke about how the actor has been cheating on her for quite a time but she never minded because he was not caught in the act. The last straw was when she caught him cheating in her house.

While spilling the events that led to their separation, Wunmi Ajiboye threatened to reveal the pains she went through while married to the actor despite giving her all to their relationship. She claimed they were never married and would not allow his waywardness to tie her down.

She went on to disclose that the actor slept with girls living under her, impregnated some and made them abort.

She addressed the issue surrounding her alleged relationship with MC Oluomo, claimed they shared a platonic relationship and have only being with the NURTW boss a few times.

The actress pleaded and also placed heavy curses on trolls stating she’s at her wits end and can’t withstand the bullying. She noted how sometime back in 2023 when she held her mother’s burial, she was bullied online for giving much importance to MC Oluomo and igboriyger estranged husband.

Wunmi iterated the fact that they were never married and only had children together.

Wunmi Ajiboye told Segun Ogungbe to respect his wife and stop his “dirty behavior” and also respect those around him.

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Pray I don’t meet you outside, Phyna threatens DeeOne



By Francesca Hangeior

Winner of the BBNaija ‘level Up’ season, Josephina Ijeoma Otabor, aka Phyna, has reacted to the comment about her by senior colleague and comedian, DeeOne.

Phyna threatened to go physical with DeeOne after he faulted her for calling out the reality show organisers over an incomplete prize.

Recall that Phyna, who won Season 7 of the reality show, has been calling out the organisers and their sponsors over incomplete prizes.

In a recent interview with Uriel Oputa, DeeOne mocked Phyna, saying that despite her claims of rejecting N5 million for a one-night stand, she was still crying out over an incomplete prize.

DeeOne also claimed that Phyna was bankrupt because she had little to offer career-wise.

Reacting in a video message shared via her social media, Phyna said, contrary to DeeOne’s assertions, she is succeeding in her career and even produced a movie recently.

She said: “I came across a video where DeeOne was given an opportunity to be with Uriel in her show, and then this failed comedian opened his mouth and said I, Phyna, had nothing to offer.

“Is my movie a joke to you? I work my *ss out every day, and I’m not lazy. I’ve my own movie, which I produced, already on the way. Deeone pray that I don’t meet you outside.”

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James Brown reacts to trolls who calls for his arrest following Bobrisky’s sentence



By Francesca Hangeior

James Brown addressed controversial topics on his Instagram page, addressing those who have criticized his personality.

Notable crossdresser James Brown speaks out as he confronts those criticising his attitude and calling for his arrest, reaffirming his position as an entertainer.

Following the recent imprisonment of the famous crossdresser Bobrisky, James Brown’s name has been circulating on social media, with some claiming that the same treatment should be given to James Brown.

In a recent Instagram post, James Brown addressed individuals who have been debating him and his personality.

He mentioned that his name has been floating in people’s conversations on social media.

The ‘Princess of Africa’ emphasized that his performances are designed to entertain his fans and help them forget their sorrows and failures.

Furthermore, he stated that his sole emphasis is his business and performing. He asked everyone to retain mutual respect and set boundaries.

He wrote …
“Hey Durling I wanted to take a moment to address a matter, that has come to my attention. It seems that my name has been circulating in conversations that don’t directly involve me, and I kindly request that you refrain from discussing me or my personality, because you’ll know I stand to entertained my Durling fans to forget the sorrow and frustration of NIGERIA 🇳🇬 & the World
You’ll know my business Is my talent, Dance, Act,
model, also advertise different business for my lovely Durling you also know I now shoot my own film on JAMESBROWNTV latest movie ( TOXIC WINE.

“While I appreciate your interest & your special activist tactic I believe it’s best for everyone involved to maintain a level of respect & boundaries. We all have our own lives to focus on, and it’s important to prioritize our own well-being. Befor someone loose focus i on the BAG”

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