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How prostate enlargement left me impotent- Veteran actor Kola Oyewo



Veteran actor Kola Oyewo has recounted battling with prostate enlargement that resulted in him becoming impotent.

The Yoruba actor disclosed this in a video interview with Kunle Afod’s YouTube page on Saturday after he (Afod) and actor Peter Fatomilola paid him (Oyewo) a visit.

Prostate enlargement is a noncancerous growth of the walnut-sized gland below the bladder in men; it naturally enlarges with age, narrowing the urethra and leading to urinary issues.

The actor revealed that after undergoing a series of tests and surgeries, his doctors had to remove his testicles to save his life.

The 77-year-old actor stated that he first noticed difficulty passing urine in July 2019 and subsequently visited his family doctor in Ilaramokin, Ondo State, who recommended further testing.

He said, “It’s not a small thing. I have an enlarged prostate, and I can count six people who died as a result of that. I know about the person who helped me get my land and five others who are friends.

“I used to do everything, as you all know, until July 2019, I started finding it hard to urinate. I went to the hospital, and I was given drugs and later went for a test, and I was told my prostate gland is about to block.”

The actor, who started acting as a professional in 1964 after he joined the Oyin Adejobi theatre group, recounted a near-death experience during one surgical procedure, hoping it would restore normal urinary function through his penis.

Following surgery to remove his testicles, he chose to forgo further operations, believing the initial surgery would restore proper urination.

Oyewo, unable to engage in sexual intercourse, now urinates through a bypass created in his urinary tract by medical experts.

He stated that medical experts assured him the bypass would facilitate urination and prevent premature death due to his condition.

Oyewo also mentioned feeling better and participating in several movie projects post-surgery.

The actor recounted a visit from actress Foluke Daramola during his recovery but instructed her not to solicit money on his behalf, as his children could support him.

“When I arrived at the hospital, directed by my family doctor, I was given two water sachets. Afterwards, I was laid down on their bed for a scan. After that, I received the results, which I returned to my doctor. He mentioned I was lucky because the disease could have been fatal.

“My doctor instructed me to go to his main hospital, where an attempt was made to insert something into my penis, but it was unsuccessful. I was then sent back home and advised to bid farewell to my family as I needed to undergo surgery. I informed my wife, who has been battling a stroke since 2017, about the operation.

“She was in tears, and I reassured her, uncertain who would go first between us. An incision was made on my stomach, and a device was inserted to assist with urination. I was informed it was necessary to prevent immediate death. I was also recommended for another surgery to cease my sexual function. I consented, as I no longer required it, and my children were adults with their own families.

“Subsequently, I underwent the surgery with two of my children present. Afterwards, I was advised to undergo another X-ray at the teaching hospital, which nearly proved fatal. Had I known I would lose the ability to urinate normally through my penis, I would not have proceeded with the surgery. I feel improved and have even resumed work on movie sets, albeit avoiding strenuous tasks.”

“When Foluke Daramola came to visit, I urged her not to publicise my situation or solicit funds on my behalf. My children provide for me, and I also attend to my needs.
Oyewo embarked on his professional acting career in 1964 upon joining the “Oyin Adejobi Theatre Group,” with his inaugural performance as Adejare in Orogun Adedigba, an adaptation of Oyin Adejobi’s autobiography.

Following a fruitful nine-year tenure with Oyin Adejobi, he transitioned to the University of Ife theatre, collaborating closely with the late veteran dramatist and scholar, Ola Rotimi.

Renowned for his portrayal of “Odewale” in Ola Rotimi’s The Gods Are Not To Blame, Mr Oyewo commenced his tenure at Obafemi Awolowo University in 1996, ultimately attaining the position of senior lecturer before his retirement in September 2011.

After he retired from Obafemi Awolowo University, he assumed a pivotal role at Redeemer’s University as the head of the Department of Dramatic Art. He also holds a performing arts lecturing position at Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin, Ondo State.

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Netizens slam Charly Boy over comment on Soyinka’s mental health



By Francesca Hangeior

Veteran singer and social activist, Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy, has come under fire following his comment questioning the mental health of Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka.

Charly Boy in a post on his X and Instagram handle on Monday advised Nigerians to approach the statements and actions of Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka with caution.

He said Soyinka might be experiencing brain deterioration due to his old age, noting that this could be influencing Soyinka’s recent rhetoric and behaviours.

He expressed his worries about the inability of Soyinka’s family and close associates to protect him from opportunistic politicians.

He also emphasised the importance of vigilance among concerned Nigerians to prevent the exploitation of Soyinka’s health condition for political purposes.

“Prof. Wole Soyinka is aged over 80yrs even tending towards 90yrs. For his age, some level of brain deterioration is not unexpected. His rhetorics and actions in recent times are suggestive of deteriorating brain disease, and as such he shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“What we should be worried about as well-meaning Nigerians, is how his family and close friends can’t ward off agents of desperate politicians who are bent on exploiting his medical situation to their advantage, no matter how low it sinks the once respected Nobel laureate,” Charly Boy wrote.

This, however, did not sit well with netizens who felt the statement was insulting.
An Instagram user #Phorlarjuwon questioned Charly Boy’s contribution to the nation’s development.

Phorlarjuwon said, “As a lost man that you are, I think you can do better man than this…As a manwoman, what have you personally contributed to the betterment of the nation? I guess nothing. I didn’t think you have affected this nation in any positive way. Now we know who needs to visit a physician. How the opinion of another man became your problem because you don’t share the same perspective is what exposes how disordered your mental is. People who assume you will influence their life in a positive way need to see a physician as well.”

Another user, #Vesterz011 wrote, “I hope when you get to that age, you actually handle this kind of message, Bcus its definitely coming back.”

On, #Quakes9ja, who tweets anonymously as Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson, wrote, “Address the man’s claims first before you rain abuse on him.”
Another follower said, “I think you could have made your point without insults, people look up to you. I believe we can de-escalate a volatile situation if we really want to keep our eyes on the ball, but to start speaking on people’s mental health with backhanded compliments isn’t savoury. Politics is planning and strategy, social media insults would achieve that. People listen to you, mobilise them in a way that works, and votes will not be counted based on social media insults and posts. Peace.”

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How I was prevented from performing in Nigeria due to indecent dressing – Tiwa Savage



By Francesca Hangeior.

Popular singer Tiwa Savage recalled that when she returned to Nigeria from the United Kingdom to pursue her musical career, she was prevented from performing at concerts because her outfits were considered “too risqué.”

She revealed that some of her earlier music videos were not aired due to being deemed indecent.

The ‘Koroba’ hitmaker disclosed this in a recent interview with BET.

Savage said, “When I first moved back, I would turn up at a show and they would say I can’t perform because my outfit was too risqué.

“It was a cultural issue. Even some of my first music videos were not played on the television because they were considered indecent. I wasn’t even wearing bikinis.

“Despite the setbacks, I was still stubborn. My dresses were getting more revealing. It was just getting worse. They were bashing me online.

“It was funny because the females were secretly falling in love with me and my style. They couldn’t deny it. My fanbase, my followers, was growing. So they had to put me on shows and play my music because there was a demand for it.”

Tiwa Salvage recently revealed the inspiration behind her newly unveiled movie, “Water & Garri”.

Salvage said she got the movie idea while she was drunk.

She stated this during the pre-launch press conference at Livespot Entertainment.

The award-winning Afrobeat superstar Tiwa Savage said, “I said this before, this is an idea I had in my head when I was drunk in my room and when I brought the idea to my amazing team, they didn’t make me feel stupid. They just said this is a brilliant idea.”

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Actor Johnny Wactor shot dead in Los Angeles



By Francesca Hangeior.


A long-time veteran of the TV soap, General Hospital, Johnny Wactor, has been shot dead in Los Angeles.

Wactor was killed on Saturday in a robbery that turned horribly wrong.

He died at age 37.

The actor reportedly mistook masked thieves stealing his car for tow truck drivers and intervened before they opened fire, Dailymail reports.

Wactor was said to be leaving his side job at a rooftop bar with a female colleague at around 3:25 am Saturday in the area of West Pico Boulevard and South Hope Street, when he saw the three men, believing he was being towed.

The Los Angeles police department said that one of the three men, all of whom were wearing masks, shot Wactor before fleeing in a separate vehicle.

Paramedics got to the scene shortly after and took him to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The masked suspects remain at large and have yet to be identified or described.

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