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A Must-read: Tips For Surviving Current Hardship In Nigeria



In the face of Nigeria’s ongoing challenges, which range from economic hardship to insecurity crisis, it becomes imperative to find sustainable ways to navigate these turbulent times.

The nation’s spirit of resilience is being tested, but history has shown that with collective will and individual wisdom, any obstacle can be overcome.

In this article, Gists9ja provides 10 insightful tips to not just survive but thrive during this period, offering a fresh perspective on resilience and resourcefulness in Nigeria.

1. Embrace Collective Solidarity
Recognize that the current situation in Nigeria is a collective struggle, not an isolated personal failure. This perspective fosters a sense of solidarity and shared resilience among Nigerians, reminding us that unity can be a source of strength in navigating the crisis.

2. Prioritize Well-being Over Projects
While ambition is commendable, the current climate necessitates a strategic pause. Suspending projects temporarily to focus on essential needs can prevent burnout and ensure you’re in a better position to resume your goals with vigour when circumstances improve.

3. Prioritize Basic Needs
Now is the time to reassess priorities, focus on essentials like food and healthcare. It’s perfectly reasonable to use your savings now for survival. Remember, material possessions can wait.

This approach underscores the importance of adaptability in maintaining well-being during uncertain times.

4. Limit Unnecessary Outings
Cut back on unnecessary outings because, as everyone knows, going out can be expensive.

Reducing unnecessary travel not only conserves resources but also minimizes exposure to risks. It’s a practice in prudence and prioritization, ensuring that every outing is purposeful and safe.

5. Live Within Your Means
Forget about impressing others with displays of wealth. Maintaining your standard of living is enough.

The societal pressure to display affluence can be overwhelming, but being real and saving money are good qualities.

By living within your means, you protect your resources and well-being, setting a sustainable standard for personal success.

6. Be Economical with Food Choices
You don’t need luxury foods to stay healthy. Nutritious, affordable meals can sustain you just as well. Remember, simplicity does not mean scarcity.

Flexibility in diet, particularly regarding meat consumption, can lead to significant savings without compromising nutritional value.

7. Guard Your Peace
In times of crisis, mental health becomes as crucial as physical well-being. Shielding oneself from distressing news and seeking out uplifting content can help maintain a balanced outlook, essential for resilience.

Opt for activities that uplift your spirits, like listening to music, watching comedies, or enjoying light-hearted conversations with friends.

8. Stay Connected with Your Faith
Difficult times call for spiritual resilience. Whether through prayer, meditation, or reflection, maintaining a spiritual practice can provide comfort and hope.

Faith can be a source of comfort and strength in challenging times. Engaging more deeply with one’s spiritual practices can provide a sense of hope and continuity, offering solace and a reminder of the enduring human spirit.

9. Keep Hope Alive
Remembering that difficult times are temporary helps maintain a positive outlook. The belief in a brighter future can motivate one to persevere through present hardships, inspired by the lessons learned from past crises.

10. Invest in Personal Growth
Utilizing time to acquire new knowledge or skills not only provides a constructive distraction but also prepares one for future opportunities. This investment in personal development can be a source of empowerment and hope.

Navigating the current situation in Nigeria with resilience, wisdom, and hope is not just about survival; it’s about laying the groundwork for a thriving future.

By adopting these strategies, Nigerians can ensure that they emerge from this period not just unscathed but stronger, wiser, and more united than ever.

The journey through hardship can illuminate paths to personal growth, communal solidarity, and a renewed appreciation for the essentials of life.

Together, the citizens shall conquer this challenge, buoyed by faith, resilience, and the unyielding belief that hard times, indeed, do not last forever.

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Gunmen attack Ekiti LG secretariat days after Oyo Assembly invasion



By Francesca Hangeior

Days after armed Yoruba Nation agitators invaded the Oyo State Government secretariat, gunmen on Tuesday, stormed the Ilejemeje local government area secretariat in Ẹda-Oniyọ, Ekiti State, causing panic and chaos among workers.

The attackers disrupted normal activities and forced employees to flee the premises for safety.

The hoodlums who were said to have come from the Obbo-Ayegunle community in the neighbouring Kwara State, violently stormed the secretariat, firing several gunshots, making workers run in different directions, running for dear lives, and in the ensuing pandemonium, one of them was injured.

The hoodlums were said to have vandalized the Secretariat building and other property of the council.

Though the cause of the attack is still sketchy as at the time of filling this report, it was reliably gathered that the two communities have been embroiled in crisis for some time over land disputes.

During the attack, which lasted for several hours, one person was said to have sustained serious injury and was said to have been rushed to the State Specialist Hospital in Iye-Ekiti for urgent medical attention.

Sources disclosed that the hoodlums who were heavily armed with dangerous weapons like gun, charms and cutlasses invaded the Secretariat at about 10:am.

Speaking on the attack, the Eleda of Eda Oniyo community, Oba Awodipo Awolola explained that the hoodlums had in few days attacked some residents of the community, with charm in their farmlands, the development which the monarch said had resulted in panic and tension in the community.

The traditional ruler who lamented the absence of police post in the area, said there is a need for security outfits to mobilise more officer to the community to prevent further breaking of law and orders.

Similarly, the Chairman of Ilejemaje Local Government, Mr Alaba Dada, said the suspected hoodlums were from the Obbo-Ayegunle community in Kwara State.

He attributed the attacks to the lingering land disputes between the two communities, he explained that though security agents had been mobilised to the town to prevent reparaiser attack.

He said there is need for the Ekiti and kwara State governments to meet to settle the land dispute in the interest of peace and harmonious relationship.

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Army Arrests Gun-Runner, Foils Kidnap Attempts In Taraba



Troops of the Nigerian Army, working alongside vigilantes, have apprehended Mansir Mohammed who was reportedly involved in gun-running activities with terrorists at Jalingo Motor Park.

Major General Onyema Nwachukwe, the Director of Army Public Relations, revealed this through Lieutenant Oni Olubodunde, the Public Relations Officer of the 6th Army Brigade, in a statement issued on Monday.

The statement said the arrest of the suspected gun-runner also led to the capture of other members of his gang.

Items recovered during the operation included a semi-automatic pump action gun, a locally fabricated gun, a Peugeot car, five mobile phones, and 45,000 in cash, it added.

Olubodunde said in a separate operation, troops on routine patrol at Miyande Village in Takum Local Government Area intercepted two terrorist suspects concealing an automatic rifle under the seat of a motorbike they were riding.

The troops recovered an AK-47 rifle, five rounds of 7.62mm special ammunition, and the motorcycle during this arrest, he added.

Olubodunde further said the troops responded to a distress call and successfully foiled a kidnap attempt within Zaki-Biam town in Zaki-Biam Local Government Area of Benue State.

During the intervention, the troops neutralised one kidnapper in a shootout with the criminals and recovered a beretta pistol with 4 rounds of 9 mm ammunition, he added.

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Parents Negligence Killed Sylvester Oromoni – Coroner Declares



The Coroner’s Inquest convened at the Ogba Magistrate Court, investigating the tragic death of 12-year-old Dowen College student Sylvester Junior Oromoni in Lekki, has reached a verdict.

Coroner Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri concluded that the negligence of Oromoni’s parents and doctor played a significant role in his demise.

The inquiry determined that Oromoni’s passing resulted from failed treatment for his enlarged liver, ultimately leading to his death on November 30, 2021.

Initially, speculation surrounding Oromoni’s death included allegations of bullying and ingestion of a poisonous substance while at school. He had reportedly mentioned being assaulted by five senior students of Dowen College before his untimely death.

However, on January 5, 2022, the Lagos State Government exonerated the five students and five employees of Dowen College who were initially accused in connection with Oromoni’s death.

Coroner Magistrate Kadiri emphasized the critical role of proper care in Oromoni’s deteriorating health.

He highlighted the abandonment of Oromoni by his parents for over 32 hours and their failure to seek medical attention until the day of his passing. Kadiri asserted that Oromoni’s death could have been prevented if not for the negligence of his parents and caregiver.

Kadiri’s ruling underscores the avoidable and agonizing suffering endured by Sylvester Oromoni, attributing it to the lack of timely medical intervention and care.

The conclusion of the Coroner’s Inquest brings clarity to the circumstances surrounding Oromoni’s tragic death, shedding light on the importance of accountability and responsibility in safeguarding the well-being of children.

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