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Netizens slam Charly Boy over comment on Soyinka’s mental health



By Francesca Hangeior

Veteran singer and social activist, Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy, has come under fire following his comment questioning the mental health of Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka.

Charly Boy in a post on his X and Instagram handle on Monday advised Nigerians to approach the statements and actions of Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka with caution.

He said Soyinka might be experiencing brain deterioration due to his old age, noting that this could be influencing Soyinka’s recent rhetoric and behaviours.

He expressed his worries about the inability of Soyinka’s family and close associates to protect him from opportunistic politicians.

He also emphasised the importance of vigilance among concerned Nigerians to prevent the exploitation of Soyinka’s health condition for political purposes.

“Prof. Wole Soyinka is aged over 80yrs even tending towards 90yrs. For his age, some level of brain deterioration is not unexpected. His rhetorics and actions in recent times are suggestive of deteriorating brain disease, and as such he shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“What we should be worried about as well-meaning Nigerians, is how his family and close friends can’t ward off agents of desperate politicians who are bent on exploiting his medical situation to their advantage, no matter how low it sinks the once respected Nobel laureate,” Charly Boy wrote.

This, however, did not sit well with netizens who felt the statement was insulting.
An Instagram user #Phorlarjuwon questioned Charly Boy’s contribution to the nation’s development.

Phorlarjuwon said, “As a lost man that you are, I think you can do better man than this…As a manwoman, what have you personally contributed to the betterment of the nation? I guess nothing. I didn’t think you have affected this nation in any positive way. Now we know who needs to visit a physician. How the opinion of another man became your problem because you don’t share the same perspective is what exposes how disordered your mental is. People who assume you will influence their life in a positive way need to see a physician as well.”

Another user, #Vesterz011 wrote, “I hope when you get to that age, you actually handle this kind of message, Bcus its definitely coming back.”

On, #Quakes9ja, who tweets anonymously as Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson, wrote, “Address the man’s claims first before you rain abuse on him.”
Another follower said, “I think you could have made your point without insults, people look up to you. I believe we can de-escalate a volatile situation if we really want to keep our eyes on the ball, but to start speaking on people’s mental health with backhanded compliments isn’t savoury. Politics is planning and strategy, social media insults would achieve that. People listen to you, mobilise them in a way that works, and votes will not be counted based on social media insults and posts. Peace.”

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In court documents obtained by the publication, Billy said he would pay Firerose $5,000/month for her to obtain suitable housing in Tennessee for 90 days, or until the divorce is finalized, whichever occurs first.

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